Donetsk head wins battles and shows mercy

OXO Flash – 31 01 15 – Thousands of Ukrainian troops thought to be trapped in Donbass – Russia Today 30 01 15

Go home and tell your friends you have been fighting the wrong people.

‘At least 7,000 Ukrainian troops are believed to be surrounded near the village of Debaltsevo in Donbass.

Alexander Zakharchenko I

‘Donetsk People’s Republic head Aleksandr Zakharchenko … offered enemy troops to surrender, promising to spare their lives: “Guys, my proposal is to lay down arms and surrender. YOU ARE FIGHTING THE WRONG PEOPLE. You have the only chance to save your lives. Surrender and you will live. I promise that all of you will return home afterwards.”

While addressing them and stating this in front of the camera he is enduring serious sniper fire.

‘Meanwhile, Kiev authorities have reportedly empowered army commanders to gun down deserters on the spot.

‘Kiev authorities have revealed that since the beginning of the latest draft as many as 10,000 Ukrainian servicemen are absent from their posts.’

Check Zakharchenko, he has the reputation and the attitude to show mercy. This must be notified. For Christian history shows this is very rare.

And the capability to show heart, whilst his companions die on the battle field.

And to win battles as head of a Republic fighting for a good cause, as he explains to his enemies. Notwithstanding he knows himself confronted with the whole of the NATO-Armageddon Crusaders army…

Het Christelijke ideaal lijkt alleen in het oostelijke Oosters-Orthodoxe deel van de Christelijke wereld bewaarheid te worden. Het Russisch sprekende.

Heine Wind.

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