The rational for sanctions against Russia: deepening the EU-crisis

OXO Flashes nr. 4 – The rational for sanctions against Russia: deepening the EU-crisis

March 23rd 2014

Portraying Russia as being bad is pure false rhetoric and cannot be sustained by any conventional facts. Economic sanctions against Russia based upon deliberate false information will harm the world and Russia indeed though just a little bit. They will harm the EU and the USA on the other hand substantially. 

The BRICS arose when the Wall came down.

The BRICS arose when the Wall came down.

It will strengthen the ties of Russia with its BRICS-partners. That all agree on one main international political issue. That the world is, cannot and won’t be “unipolar”. Meaning – in BRICS-language- that there will be no Babylonian, Roman or Zionist New World Order. And that all regional tensions throughout the world should be solved by diplomatic means according to standards of international law. Period. Never by unilateral military actions as NATO has shown on several occasions during the last two or three decades. Unless the United Nations Security Council should decide otherwise, with Russia and China as its permanent members.

A Unipolar World contrasts a New World Order

A Unipolar World contrasts a New World Order


Western economic sanctions against Russia appear to be irrational in every aspect and on all fronts. The only rational possibly thinkable is to push the West even more into crisis and despair. By hitting its populations even harder downwards from the middleclass. Providing itself a stronger hold on the community. Legitimizing itself a firmer grip of control. By countless and ongoing measures of more surveillance, hence destroying the remains of personal liberties. For as we know, the NWO is in the process of installing Totalitarian Dictatorship in the EU and the USA. Economic sanctions against Russia are about to serve this general goal. This in conclusion shows to be the shadowy rational, the double crossed strategy well thought out by the Western power elite.

It’s about time their mutual pedophile-satanic schemes within the Roman Church and its Secret Societies, by priests, royals and government officials should openly surface and brought into the plain daylight of the public domain. ITCCS – the International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State ( – is already doing a good job, amongst others. In Holland alternative researchers gather around sites like and But these movements still need a lot stonger support by us, we, the uniting victims of millennial satanic rule.

Heine Wind.


Highlighting some quotes in this elaborate article of Russia Today:

Western sanctions might push Russia to deepen cooperation with BRICS states, in particular, to strengthen its ties with China, which will possibly turn out to be a big catastrophe for the US and the EU some time later.

On March 18, the spokesperson for the Kremlin, Dmitry Peskov, claimed in a BBC interview that Russia would switch to new partners in case of economic sanctions being imposed by the European Union and the United States. He highlighted that the modern world isn’t unipolar and Russia has strong ties with other states as well, though Russia wants to remain in good relations with its Western partners, especially with the EU due to the volume of deals and joint projects.

Those “new partners” are not really new since Russia has been closely interconnected with them for almost 13 years. This is all about the so-called BRICS organization, consisting of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. BRICS represents 42 percent of the world’s population and about a quarter of the world’s economy, which means that this bloc of states is an important global actor.

Partners & Friends

Partners & Friends

The BRICS countries are like-minded in regard to supporting the principles of international law, the central role of the UN Security Council and the principles of the non-use of force in international relations; this is why they are so actively performing in the sphere of settling regional conflicts. 

The Lotus is nó Illuminati symbolism, rather of ancient Eastern wisdom

The Lotus is nó Illuminati symbolism, rather of ancient Eastern wisdom

With suspension of Russian participation in G8 and possible strengthening of economic sanctions, the experts expect some particular industries to be targeted, including limits on imported products. While the West seeks to hit Russia hard, it is important to notice that Russia is ready to switch to other markets, for instance BRICS, and increase trade volumes with countries from this bloc.

In 2014, Russia and China have a full agenda for bilateral cooperation, which includes not only trade but also such spheres as energy, aircraft building, mechanical engineering, military and science cooperation, tourism, etc. At the same time, cultural ties between the two nations are also strengthening, with 2014-2015 being named years of youth exchange. The leaders of Russia and China also decided to prepare jointly celebration events for the 70th anniversary of the victory over German fascism and Japanese militarism in 2015.

BRICS are larger than G6

BRICS are larger than G6

Another important aspect of cooperation between Russia, China and India touches upon Afghanistan. The trilateral involvement of those nations into the Afghan issue has been actively developing since 2013 and could become a major factor for the Afghan leadership following the US withdrawal. It is important to note that the Afghanistan issue is vital to the regional security of Russia, China and India.

Once again, the recent Olympic Games emphasized the specific character of relations between China and Russia. The Chinese president, unlike European leaders, was present at the Opening Ceremony, …

Thus, China may become the biggest beneficiary of the sanctions against Russia since it means further rapprochement between Russia and China. One should remember that China has always been mainly interested in doing business and for sure it would be silly for Beijing to lose such a great opportunity to strengthen its ties with Russia. If I were someone responsible for decisions in Brussels or Washington, I would revise my opinion on implementation of sanctions against Russia. I wouldn’t call it a possible revival of the “Sino-Soviet axe” which existed during the Cold War and was an ideological counter-balance for the West, although this time the West itself is pushing one of its main rivals closer to another, creating a massive power that would surpass both the US and the EU by a long chalk. So the question is whether the West really wants this to happen? And what will it do when the Chinese dragon and Russian bear form an alliance?

BRICS with China and India, half the worlds population

BRICS with China and India, half the worlds population

It’s not really rational for the US and the EU to antagonize and try to isolate Russia. And there are several reasons for this. First of all, Russia is the largest oil and gas producer in the world and it simply means that imposing economic sanctions on Russia would shake up the global energy market and, therefore, the entire global economy. Not to mention the EU’s dependency on Russian gas. Are the global economies ready to witness a new crisis, given that they are still recovering from the latest financial crisis? It’s doubtful.

Second, Russia is investing massively in the US financial market, especially in Treasury bonds, and consequently, if Russia decides to withdraw its investments in response to Western sanctions, it would hit the US economy and cause a real financial crisis. So, crisis again.

Europe's dependence on BRICS

Europe’s dependence on BRICS

Finally, during the last few years the Russian market has become one of the world’s largest markets for EU goods, products and services, while the EU is actively investing in Russia. In case of further worsening of relations between Russia and the West, the EU will have a serious headache, searching for new markets and suffering lasting damage because of suspended joint contracts.

End of quotes out of the article in Russia Today.

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